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Here are some answers to some questions that we get.

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Q: Where can I purchase Hogan's Heroes DVDs etc?

A: Amazon.com - Hogan's Heroes

Q: Is there going to be a Hogan's Heroes movie?

A : There has been one movie released about the life of Bob Crane (Auto Focus - 2002) and there always seems to be rumors of bringing Hogan's Heroes to the big screen. Nothing concrete as of yet.

Q: What did Colonel Klink traditionally carry around with him? (submitted by RL Cauley - Thanks!)

A: Colonel Klink usually carried his swagger stick around with him.

Q: How many episodes were in the series?

A : There are 168 episodes in the Hogan's Heroes Series starting on September 17, 1965 and ending on April 4, 1971. There was no final episode. There are no "lost episodes" nor was there a final episode.

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Q: Are there any books about Hogan's Heroes or by any of the stars of Hogan's Heroes?

A: There are several books about Hogan's and several others by former cast members.

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Q: Who was considered for the role of Colonel Robert E. Hogan?

A: There were at least five people considered for the role : Walter Mathau, Robert Hogan (a friend of Bernie Fein after whom the character was named), Van Johnson, Bob Crane and Richard Dawson.

(From pp.28-29 of "Hogan's Heroes - Behind the Scenes at Stalag 13!" by Brenda Scott Royce).

(This question came from the Previous Questions section for Hogan's Heroes on the AllExperts.com site)

Q: Which episodes were done in black & white?

A : The pilot is the only episode of the series that was filmed in black-and-white. Color was in an experimental stage in 1965, and many series, including The Addams Family, Bewitched, and The Dick Van Dyke Show, were still being filmed in black-and-white. Though color processing was more expensive, the foresighted Ed Feldman (Executive Producer) insisted on shooting the remainder of the series in color, to increase its value in syndication.

(From p.138 of Hogan's Heroes - Behind the Scenes at Stalag 13! by Brenda Scott Royce).

(This question came from the Previous Questions section for Hogan's Heroes on the AllExperts.com site)

Q : Which secretary came first?


Fraulein Helga Local TV Guide with Cynthia Lynn  (Fraulein Helga) on the coveror Fraulein Hilda Local TV Guide with Sigrid Valdis (Fraulein Hilda) on the cover ?

A : Good question - Fraulein Helga (Cynthia Lynn) played the secretary for the first season (1965-1966). Fraulein Hilda (Sigrid Valdis) played the secretary for the remainder of the show (1966 -1971)

Here's a tip for remembering who came first - Helga came before Hilda ("He" comes before "Hi").

Q : Was John Banner (Sergeant Hans Schultz) a model for a WWII poster of Uncle Sam pointing and saying "I Want You"?

A : Yes, John Banner did pose for an Army recruiting poster during WWII. There was an article about Banner that appeared in a Cleveland Press TV Guide in 1965 which contained a picture of the poster (1942). Banner is young, slim, and dark-haired.

Photo of a young John Banner (Sergeant Schultz) circa 1942 - Click here to see the TV guide article with a picture of a young John Banner

Q : Is there a Hogan's Heroes Fan Club newsletter?

A : Brenda Scott Royce published a print newsletter "The Hogan's Heroes Herald" which ran 10 issues from 1996 to 1998.

Currently all news and content for the Hogan's Heroes Fan Club is published via this website.

Q: Who won a prize for building the best snowman in Bullfrog North Dakota.

A: Sgt. Carter. "I once won a prize for making the best snowman in Bullfrog North Dakota....well actually Bullfrog is just a suburb, your big city is Crab Apple Junction" - Everyone Loves a Snowman - Episode #76 (about 19:31)

Q : Was Hogan's Heroes a take off or based on Stalag 17?

A : The official answer from Ed Feldman - the producer - is : No

But there are striking similarities (both were in German prisoner of war camps, both had a guard named Schultz etc.) Stalag 17 was a much more realistic account of what went on in prison camps during WWII. Hogan's Heroes was a fantasy/comedy.

(From ALT.TV.Hogans-Heroes)

Q : Has anyone notice that when Carter (Larry Hovis) is washing clothes in one of the episodes, he left his wedding band on?

A : (submitted by Charlemange of LarryHovis.com) Larry Hovis never forgot to take his wedding band off. He had a deal with the producers of the show not to take it off. Carter is normally seen wearing gloves. There is another wedding band sighting in the episode where Klink is feeding him trying to get info out of him. Also in "The Informer" (the pilot episode) and in the "It Takes a Thief (Episode #20)" episode at the end where the heroes are wearing black, you can see Carter's bare hand and the ring.

Larry's finger had swelled a few years later and the ring had to be cut off, that is why you don't see him wearing a band on Liar's Club and after.

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