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Hogan's Heroes German - English Dictionary

Here are several German words/phrases that were used during the show.

(From Brenda Scott Royce's book - "Hogan's Heroes - Behind the Scenes at Stalag 13!" p 63)

achtung - attention!

auf Wiedersehen - good-bye, see you

bitte - please

danke - thank you

donnerwetter - I don't believe it! By jove! Geez! (literal translation : thunderstorm)

dummkopf - blockhead, dummy

frau - woman, lady, wife

Führer - leader

gnädige Frau - madam (literal translation : gracious woman)

hauptmann - captain

heil - hail

herr - master, lord, sir, mister

ja - yes

jawohl (ya' vol) - yes; yes, sir!

kamerad - comrade, chum

kommandant - commanding officer, commandant

liebchen - sweetheart, darling

Luftwaffe - the German Air Force

mach schnell! - be quick! hurry up!

nein - no

oberst - colonel

raus - outside, scram

schnell - quick, speedy

verboten - forbidden

was ist los? - what is the matter?

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